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Marzon Boracay
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Marzon Boracay Beach Resort offers beachfront budget accommodations for the Boracay traveler who wants ocean front without the high price tag. Marzon Beach Resort offers great beachfront rooms with air-condition and all modern amenties.

Situated in Angol, Manoc Manoc, Marzon is among the many options in Boracay which divers and non-diver tourists go to. Composed of two buildings with equal number of rooms, Marzon boasts of the comforts of urban living (all rooms w/ cable TV, hot & cold shower) while enjoying the world-class beach nearby. All these at a very reasonable price.

Rooms / Amenities:

  • 14 Standard Air-Conditioned Rooms
  • 3 Deluxe Rooms
  • 2 Fan Rooms

Rooms are complete with cable television and hot / cold showers.


Marzon Boracay Resort is built in a U- shape, all 14 concrete air conditioned rooms are connected with one another, with a lush tropical garden in the center. Each room has its own terrace a small sitting area in front of each room.


Marzon Boracay Restaurant is the Lata Marlon serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here you can enjoy your favorite lunchtime meal or a cool tropical drink as you gaze out to the ocean.


Marzon Boracay Beach Resort is located at boat station 3 on Boracay Island.




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